Dipl.-Ing. Frank Tönjes

Property valuation

Valuation of developed and undeveloped properties

  • I evaluate properties and rights to properties. Grounds for valuation include, for example, asset transfers (to or from business assets), calculation of insurance, division of assets (distribution of an estate, divorce), proof of taxable and financial status, determination of purchase and sales price, legal proceedings (foreclosure) etc.
  • When evaluating developed and undeveloped properties, I apply my expertise to legal proceedings, as well as to the concerns of private clients. My clients are courts of all instances, businesses, foundations, non-profit organisations, and customers with private property.
  • As a property surveyor i have many years experience in the property market, as well as expertise in architecture and engineering. Pursuance of additional professional qualifications and membership of various boards of property experts are an essential part of my work.